Their Final Moments

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Their Final Moments

Post by Drifter on Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:46 pm

In the dead of night, in the city of Serph, a warm rain falls on the broken pavements all throughout the city. Lights flicker in the highrise apartments and office buildings as people commute to and from their homes in order to meet up with their beds or their coworkers. For the people here, sleep is their only relaxation. For a specific person among the many faces on this specific night, his relaxation will be eternal. Located within a dark alleyway where the lights of the lampposts do not reach, the sound of a punch tears through the air and the sound of a scream pierces the silence as the fist collides with the brick and mortar of a building. The owner has little time to turn around before two gunshots ring out and end his overworked existence. A dull thud happens as the freshly made corpse hits the ground, laying in fetal position and the sound of quick footsteps follow this as someone clad in a trenchcoat leaves the alley, hopefully to find some way to contact authorities.

An unspecified amount of time passes before the alley detects new life, the rain had gotten noticeably stronger by this point and so the plodding footsteps of assumingly a man can be pinpointed as the waters splashes underfoot. A light breaks the darkness and scans over the body slowly, starting from the feet of the victim to the uncovered head. The victim is clad in a ragged brown trenchcoat with black rain boots to protect his feet. The smell of death invades the new person's nose as he grows ever closer to the deceased. The light's intensity grows with each step, illuminating the horrific act. The new man crouches down and lays a hand on the corpse. With a hard pull, he moves the body so it is facing the sky. Raindrops run down its pale face and through the forest of hair that lay as a beard.

The man looking over the body is not perturbed by the falling rain as he allows it to fall and absorb into his coat. His goal is to look over this victim and to learn about what had happened. From just a basic view of the corpse, he can see just one gunshot wound to the head. He looks over the hands and sees damaged had been sustained on the right hand as evidence by the scrapes. Other than these two wounds, the shot to the head being the fatal one of course, the body does not appear to be damaged in any other way. With the body's cursory inspection out of the way, the man begins looking over the crime scene as a whole. Any blood would have been washed away by now due to the rain, so the teams at the precinct will have to wait until the rain stopped. The man looks at the wall the victim had been facing and notices a bullet hole in the bricks.

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